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Competitor Product Rule

Move up in Amazon search results by competing with ANY products

Associate your listing with other products on Amazon and SaleDrum™will track them and adjust your price automatically based on their price changes and the rule that you specify. Focus on the right competitor by filtering out any sellers based on their rating, shipping country, and handling time.

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BuyBox Winner Rule

Always take the Buy Box and never give it up

If you have a listing with many competitor sellers, you can use this rule to keep the Buy Box and SaleDrum™ will adjust the price when there's a change in your competitor's pricing.

Filter out any competitor sellers by their FBA status, ratings, dispatch time, and shipping countries. You can even specify seller ids that you want to exclude from the competition.


AI Powered Pricing based on your product's sales velocity

We analyze different metrics including the product's historical sales data and determine the optimal model to keep your margins maximized.

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Stock Based Rule

Use this rule to increase your sales price when your inventory levels go down

Associate multiple stock-based rules depending on different stock levels. 

The new price can be your maximum price or a relative one based on the maximum or current price of the listing.

Min/Max Price Rule

Boost your sales velocity by defining different limits for different scenarios 

Have full control over automated pricing by associating Min/Max price rules to your listings. Setting minimum and maximum prices are required to enable automatic repricing.  

Reprice Activity

Reprice Activity

Transparency is the key to a successful strategic pricing

See all your historical price updates along with the triggers causing a price change. 

(Yes, even with the Free Plan!)

Unlimited Users

Full transparency with user audit logs

Create unlimited multiple users  and audit your user's activity. 

User Tracking
Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Extensive competitor data to analyze

Compare your pricing with competitors and focus on the right one by eliminating the sellers not eligible to win the buy box.